About Eimear

Born in Northern Ireland, England’s first colony since 1157 and still a British colony, Eimear grew up in Ghana West Africa from age 2 to 12. Ghana was the first African country to gain independance from the British in 1957. Her university and first counselling job was in Belfast. She was the social welfare officer for both the Lower Falls and the Lower Shankill areas as the British Army moved in and sparked thirty years of  extreme bloody struggle. (This continues today in more economic and less visible form after a Peace process that maintained much of the status quo including the men in governance from all sides who upheld violence and tolerate Northern Ireland’s colony status.) Eimear immigrated to Canada in the early seventies no longer able to live safely in her homeland. Since then, she has been a psychotherapist, attending to Spirit and providing healing at personal, community and peoples levels to a whole diversity of peoples. See http://www.eimearoneill.com/Eimear_ONeill/Home.html for details of her thirty years of work in transforming human consciousness creatively at all those levels.


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